Springtime care should be aimed at repairing Winter havoc and prepare the skin for future aggressions. Using a mild, mildly acidic, hydrating cleanser, for both body and face, is the perfect way to thoroughly remove all Winter build-up while replenishing lost moisture and without causing tightness/dryness afterwards. Dead skin cells need to be rehydrated in order to be effectively loosen up. Rinse with purified water or a mildly acidic toner, never with heavily chlorinated/fluorinated water.

Sip some Red Wine

White wine is refreshing in the summer, but red wine is healing.  Resveratol, a naturally occurring phenol found in the skin of red grapes can decrease redness from acute sunburns.  It has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.  Cheers!

Powder your Nose

If you wear makeup on a daily basis, touch up with mineral makeup that contains SPF like Bare Minerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen.

Wear a Wide Brim Hat

A baseball cap won’t protect your face from sun coming at an angle.  Opt for a hat with a brim for full protection.

AMP up your Antioxidants

Antioxidants are key in the summer, and there are tons of ways to work them into y9our routine,  Layer on a good Vitamin C serum or the isClinical Super Serum which helps reduce the appearance of sun spots.

Battle Breakouts

Reduce bumps caused by summer heat and humidity with a once a month SilkPeel and Glycolic treatment to keep skin exfoliated and smooth.

Anti-Aging Moisturizer 

Moisturization is the key to keeping the skin in good shape throughout Spring and Summer time and repair Winter damage. Moisturize twice per day with nourishing, gentle, non-clogging formulations. Layer your moisturizer, this means that you will apply it immediately after toning while the skin is still damp. Apply 2 or more layers if needed.  Look for a retinol-based formula like isClinical Youth Complex that has powerful humectants to lock in moisture and regenerate your skin while you sleep.


Masks can speed up your skin`s recovery process. Layer natural masks and fresh ingredients which offer purifying, hydrating and nourishing solutions. Relax while you leave your mask on; relaxation has a positive influence on the aggressions of the skin.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to restore the moisture loss during Winter and prep your skin for Summer. For every glass of alcohol/cup of coffee you take, have an extra glass of water to prevent possible dehydration. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, their water is loaded with nutrients that maintain our skin`s optimal health.


A diet rich in antioxidants like carotenes, vitamins A and E, algae and EFAs is extremely beneficial for Spring time skin as it will kick-start sluggish skin conditions and reveal a brighter, rejuvenated complexion.