5 Tips for updating your Skincare routine for Fall

  1. Moisturize. “Some patients get very dry in the colder weather. ¬†Wind chaps the skin, and heat from radiators can really dry it out. During the winter months you can keep your skin healthy by moisturizing regularly.”
  2. Update your skincare routine. “You can compensate for seasonal weather changes by switching up your cleansers. In the colder weather, use a more moisturizing cleanser. It tends to be more humid in the summertime and there tends to be a little more oil production, so in the summertime you can switch to a more oil-free, acne-prone product.”
  3. If you have sensitive skin that tends to get drier in the winter, try different products. “People who have sensitive skin can change up their cosmeceuticals if they want. For example, when it comes to anti-aging treatments, Vitamin C and peptides might be less irritating for sensitive skin.”
  4. Do not stop wearing sunscreen. “You need to wear sunscreen every day, even on snowy February days. Read the labels very carefully. You need a broad spectrum sunscreen, and you need to read the label very carefully to make sure it says UVA/UVB coverage. For day-to-day use, SPF 15 is fine. “
  5. When you go on vacation, update your skincare routine. “If you go on holiday, remember to adjust your daily SPF accordingly, even if you’re going on, say, a ski trip. Snow creates a lot of reflection, which can cause damage. Always remember to wear sunscreen.”